Sunday, February 6, 2011

Inglot Cosmetic Review

How I came about buying from inglot is that I heard talk on youtube but I didnt run out to go buy. It Just so happen That my Best friend and her husband came up to nyc and he never been and wanted to go to Time square witch I was like big deal lol cause I was born in nyc so time Square is no big deal to me but any who we went to go for some drinks and we walked past the inglot store and I was like im going in so I went in lol bought all you see. We Went and got drinks I forgot I even bought it I was so roasted Untile 3 months later cause I change my bags so often that when I went to go and use the bag I put the inglot products in I was like o Snap I forgot all about this stuff. Ok Now Review LOVE LOVE LOVE THESE EYESHADOWS THEY ARE SO CREAMY AND PIGMENTED THE PIGMENT IS FAB FAB FAB.If you follow me on youtube you all know I love eyelashes so ill say no more about that. The pallet was $50 The lashes I got was $10 each some coast more. The pigments are all $14 They have Single shadows you cant get in the freedom system and they are $12 each and to refill your pallet the Eyeshadows are $5 each. So thats my lil imput on inglot

Eyelashes 65S & 31N

Freedom System Pallet

First Row

Second Row

Pigment Sample

comparison but as you can see very Different all Pigments

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